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Frida Kahlo: Her Universe

Frida Kahlo: Her Universe


Text by Jessica Maricarmen Serrano Bandala, Gerardo Estrada, Beatriz Scharer Tamm, Octavio Murillo Álvarez de la Cadena, Martha Romero, Luis Enríquez, Paulina García, Luz Emilia Aguilar Zinser, Jaime Moreno Villareal, Luis Roberto Vera, Pablo Ortiz Monasterio, Circe Henestrosa, Marta Turok.

The iconic Mexican painter as seen through almost 300 archival items, from her wardrobe to her personal art collection.

This compendium presents the rich diversity of themes, ideas, concepts and emotions generated around two fundamental, iconic figures of modern Mexico: painter Frida Kahlo and her husband, muralist Diego Rivera.
More than 300 images from the archives of the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City offer readers a glimpse of Kahlo’s distinctive wardrobe and the impressive collections of popular and pre-Hispanic art she assembled with Rivera, her connection with photography and the history of La casa azul, her beloved blue home that now serves as the museum’s main building. This volume welcomes us into Frida Kahlo’s universe, exploring the legacy of an indispensable figure in the world of 20th-century art and culture in her native Mexico and across the globe.

Hardcover, 237 pages.