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Yayoi Kusama Wooden Doll
Yayoi Kusama Wooden Doll
Yayoi Kusama Wooden Doll

Lucie Kass

Yayoi Kusama Wooden Doll


Handoainted kokeshi doll in the likeness of Yayoi Kusama designed by Becky Kemp. 
Kemp's work is an exploration of geometric expression, Japanese illustration and Nordic aesthetics. Inspired by traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls, Becky formed her own universe of hand painted designer figures each telling their own little story. 


Slight imperfections may be present which are typical of handmade work. These are not defects but features that make every doll unique

  • Design: Becky Kemp for Lucie Kass
  • Material: Hand painted superba  and beech wood
  • Dimensions: H 5.7"
  • Intended for decorative purposes only