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A bright blue book cover with a variety of cut-outs assembled in a chaotic way. The cutouts include photographs of women , shoes, an egg, and a hand. The title reads "Cinzia Ruggeri: Cinzia Says."

Cinzia Ruggeri | Cinzia Says


“Cinzia Ruggeri’s clothes refuse to be just clothes. They are better understood as genre-defying explorations of the human body.” –Financial Times

This is the first major survey of artist and fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019), a unique figure of Italian postmodernism who moved freely across disciplines. From clothing and accessories to furniture and lighting―as well as sculptural installations often including these objects―Ruggeri created worlds that were continually imaginative, provocative, elegant and unpredictable. Ruggeri founded her own fashion line in 1977 and immediately became known for her use of architecture and geometry, such as the ziggurat and representations of the shape of Italy. During her lifetime she also worked and collaborated with Brian Eno, Occhiomagico, Alessandro Mendini, Casa Vogue, Maison Carven and Studio Alchimia. This catalog offers the most complete overview of Ruggeri’s career, thanks to research conducted by MACRO (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome) in collaboration with the Archivio Cinzia Ruggeri in Milan.

Hardcover, 411