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The Trouble with Women in Power: Leaders Who Dared to Change the World

The Trouble with Women in Power: Leaders Who Dared to Change the World


By  Dominique Gaulme

An important contribution to the contemporary discussion of gender and power, this work presents more than eighty women who, in the face of significant obstacles, acted courageously to change the world.

From Cleopatra to Angela Merkel, Harriet Tubman to Eva Peron, and Empress Dowager Cixi to Joan of Arc, this book focuses on powerful women who changed the course of history across the centuries and around the globe.

Leaders of military operations, activists for social change, iron-fisted rulers, or the voice of the people, these strong-willed women continue to fascinate and inspire. From the warrior Queen Nzinga and her Amazonian guards to Native American health advocate Wilma Pearl Mankiller, or from the androgynous Sultan Razia to the daring Virgin Queen Elisabeth I, these complex women engraved their names into the chronicles of history. The text--richly illustrated by portraits, photographs, and mythical scenes--recounts their stories, reframes how they have been represented and remembered, and highlights the attributes of their power.

Few women leaders have gained and retained places of power throughout history. In order to overcome misogyny, archaic laws governing inheritance, and the constraints of religious fervor, the women featured here incarnate exceptional determination and strength of character. Revered and reviled in equal measure, their stories--often riveting tales of courage in the face of injustice--offer an alternate perspective on the traditional histories of courage, vision, and leadership.

Hardcover, 160 pages