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Small Tecuan Bag | Painted
Small Tecuan Bag | Painted
Small Tecuan Bag | Painted
Small Tecuan Bag | Painted

Small Tecuan Bag | Painted


COME BACK TO --- An agency of change and innovation, bringing new meaning to luxury fashion, the Carla Fernández team travels throughout Mexico visiting communities of artisans who specialize in handmade textiles and centuries-old indigenous techniques. The featured Small Tecuan Bag are handmade shoulder bags inspired by Tecuan masks and are made from leather. It is designed with visible seams made with cotton thread. The mustache and eyebrows are made from wild boar's hair and the eyes are mirrors. It is lined with resistant cotton fabric.

Each Tecuan bag is made in creative and productive collaboration with Mexican artisans. Traditionally, leather and acrylic paint are used to form handmade masks that are part of "the dance of the Tecuanes", which is one of the most popular dances of the Nahua culture of Guerrero.

This Tecuan bag features a deep yellow-ocher, red and black design and display Carla Fernandez’s illuminous dedication to preserving and revitalizing the textile legacy of indigenous and mestizo communities of Mexico.


  • Color: Varies
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Technique: Sculpted Leather
  • Size: Small