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Beehive Mancala

Beehive Mancala


Unleash your competitive spirit with Beehive Mancala! This unique game brings the fun of mancala to a whole new level with its beehive shaped design. Strategically collect and distribute marbles to your hive and outsmart your opponent. A must-have for any game night and perfect for all ages!

  • Play and learn about bees and biodiversity as you play this family strategy game for age 6+, based on traditional Mancala.
  • Includes fun facts on the bees and flowers featured, as well as an overview of the honey-making process and the importance of bees to our ecosystem, from the beekeeper at the Royal Botanic Gardens.
  • Simple game to play: Buzz the bees to the flowers to collect pollen and then back to the hive to make honey for feeding and growing your very own bee colony. The player with the largest colony wins! There is a QR code on the box that links to a quick-start game play video
  • Something to treasure: A quality product made to last, with bespoke illustrations and sleek and stylish packaging. Board measures 600x226mm (23.6 x 8.9 ins) when laid out.