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Red and lilac book cover with white text. The title reads "Emergency Affirmations for Exceptionally Stupid Days."

Emergency Affirmations for Exceptionally Stupid Days


Affirmation Cards – We all need a little reassurance sometimes. Big presentation coming up, but feeling the jitters? Well, just reach into this box of emergency affirmations by Brass Monkey and grab one to help. Trust us, after you read ‘You’re going to kick today in the nuts’ in the mirror a few times, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Deck Includes – 100 unique (to say the least) affirmation cards. Each card back features space to list all of the amazing, life-changing things that the affirmation helped you accomplish. They all come in a displayable two-piece box–perfect for keeping on your desk until the next ‘emergency’ strikes.

Gift Ideas – Perfect for back to school, College or University, birthdays, holidays, Christmas, or for anyone who needs a bit of good energy in their life. These cards are like a sassy best friend in vintage inspired packaging, giving you a boost of confidence but also keeping it real. So get ready to laugh and feel empowered, and maybe roll your eyes a little bit.

100 cards