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Tracey Moffatt: Between Dreams and Reality

Tracey Moffatt: Between Dreams and Reality


This monograph, which accompanies the first major Italian retrospective dedicated to multimedia artist Tracey Moffatt, collects more than 120 images from a diverse selection of the works made by the Australian artist since 1989. “Making art is quite therapeutic”, says Moffatt. This brief statement reveals much of the artist's personality and refects her way of interpreting the artistic experience, a practice that often refers to personal stories and events.

Of Aboriginal origins, but raised in a white family, Tracey Moffatt (Brisbane, 1960) is fascinated by the pop culture that characterized her youth. Early on, images taken from magazines, cinema and television began to constitute a symbolic universe that became a reference point in most of her works, alongside the ever present and partly autobiographical theme of ghetto-segregation lived and understood in all its aspects: racial, social, sexual.

Moffatt's photographs tell fragmented stories, imagined and actual, which manage to accentuate the contrasts within our society. The cruelty and the tragedy of the subjects treated are emphasized by a refined beauty in the scene depicted, with a nod to the aesthetics of glossy magazines.

With an introduction by Filippo Maggia, the monograph includes the catalog of the artist's works, followed by a biography and bibliography.