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A book with a lavender cover. The book features a picture in the top left of two young girls with curly, brown hair. One girl is in a red dress and the other is in a white dress. Handwritten on the bottom right corner is the title "First Fronteras."

1st fronteras


First Fronteras’ is a collective project that continues the body of work, Femme Frontera, that Adriana Monsalve initiated in 2017. It is a collaborative project in which she asked a vast variety of individuals to share the first frontera they remember being confronted with. We embrace the word frontera in all its contexts. It is not limited to landscape or environment, it is to be interpreted in countless ways. We are specifically cultivating a space for the nuance of this experience with this project. You will find the content to be made up of submissions from artists and civilians that were asked to draw / photograph / doodle / paint / collage (whatever they wanted really) their first frontera. Some of the collaborators have created work that is elaborate, others have done simple doodles, but the sentiment is the same—the tumultuous space that is the first wall they can ever remember coming up against. Along with their artwork, they have shared with us some sentences in their own handwriting about the said border. 

Paperback, 72 Pages