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A children's book with a pink spine. The cover represents a blue sky in the desert. On the lower half of the cover, a boy and girl are hugging a miniature version of the Earth. Above them in a white circle is the title of the book "ABC Earth-Friendly Me."

ABC For Me | Earth-Friendly Me


BC Earth-Friendly Me presents 26 things—from Action to Zero waste and everything in between—that eco-conscious kids and their families can do to help care for the Earth.

Pairing aspects of eco-friendly living with each letter of the alphabet, this durable board book is not only perfect for teaching young children their ABCs, but also for encouraging them to be aware of the impact they have on the environment.

The content empowers young children, showing them that even their small choices make a big difference. The engaging illustrations, fun rhyming text, and simple concepts introduce children to an eco-friendly lifestyle. To help, kids can plant flowers for pollinating bees, eat more fruits and vegetables, share or swap old toys, help their parents air-dry laundry, and learn about animals and their habitats.

Board Book, 36 Pages