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A green background with two packages of incense atop each other on a brown, wooden table. A blurred, plant-like object is pictured in the top right corner of the picture. The incense packaging is yellow with a strip of white making up a third of the package. The words "Art of Abundance" are written in golden lettering on the white strip. The packages of incense are complemented by a string of vanilla bean, pear, and cashmere wood.

Art of Abundance Incense Sticks


Art of Abundance: Pear, Vanilla, Cashmere Wood, Coffee, Patchouli

Set your mind on the infinite and limitless possibilities and abundance available to you in life. All that you have and will have. Open yourself up to new possibilities and perspectives. Increase your vibrations to bring positive and abundant energy. Be grateful for all that you have and can have. Realize your potential and be open to everything your heart desires.