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A magazine cover featuring a photograph of a woman with a dark skin tone sitting on a tree trunk by a lake. The title reads "Bmore Art."

BmoreArt Issue 9: Craft


Issue 09 recognizes a broad and diverse community of creative makers thriving in Baltimore, including crafters, quilters, woodworkers, fashion designers, jewelers, and small creative business owners, to expand a conversation around the way these practices enrich our cultural ecosystem every day. This issue features fiber artist Annet Couwenberg, fashion designer Jody Davis, artist and puppeteer Schroder Cherry, performer, mentor, and indigo-dyer Kibibi Ajanku, fine art jeweler Betty Cooke, quilter Monique Crabb, and so many others. We truly hope that the photos, artwork, and stories of this issue reinforce a sense of creative solidarity across our communities even in these difficult times.


This issue of the magazine was released in the summer of 2020.

This magazine weighs 1.04 lb and is 8.25″x10.5″.