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Caption This

Caption This


A fascinating collection of photographs from the past century that have surprising, funny, and poignant captions.

Whether it's words scrawled in pencil below an old Polaroid or a pithy comment on a social media photo, we've all felt a pull to describe in words and sentences the pictures and moments of our lives. This celebration of a century of personal photo captions, in all their forms, themes, and voices, explores the captivating (and often contradictory) relationship between what we see in photos and what we say about them.

Through 150 color and black-and-white vintage photographs of everyday people dating back to the early twentieth century, arranged in nine thematic chapters (
This is me groovingThis is my snarky sideThis is me in love, etc.), Caption This reveals a funny and surprising secret history of the handwritten or typed caption.

Hardcover, 176 Pages