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Book cover with several photographs of the inside of a computer. The title reads "Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age."

Coded | Art Enters the Computer Age


Artists, writers, musicians, choreographers and filmmakers explore the possibilities of data, digitization and algorithms at the dawn of computer technology

Coded: Art Enters the Computer Age, 1952–1982 explores how the rise of computer technology, together with its emergence in popular consciousness, impacted the making of art in the age of the mainframe. International and interdisciplinary in scope, Coded examines the origins of what we now call digital art, featuring artists, writers, musicians, choreographers and filmmakers working directly with computers as well as those using algorithms and other systems to produce their work. Whether computer-generated or not, the many artworks considered here reflect the simultaneous wonder and alienation that was characteristic of the 1960s and ’70s, along with the utopian and dystopian possibilities of these new machines. Today, with digital technology having been fully integrated into our lives, Coded’s examination of the years leading up to the advent of the personal computer is relevant, even imperative, to fully appreciating art and culture in the age of the computer―both then and now.

Hardcover, 271 Pages