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A yellow and purple book cover featuring the words "Women in Architecture" several times.

Documents and Histories | Women in Architecture


A new series highlighting women’s voices in the architectural profession today

The first installment in nai010’s new Women in Architecture series, Documents and Histories offers a many-faceted exploration of multivocality in architecture. Catja Edens reflects on the diverse roles of women in architecture; Lara Schrijver's essay strives for a shift from rivalry to cooperation within design practice; Indira van 't Klooster develops a vocabulary that offers points of access for new analyses; Setareh Noorani focuses on the developments and potential of alternative ways of archiving; and Carolina Quiroga discusses the feminist and participatory architecture of Wilhelmina Jansen and Ada Kuiper-Struyk. Additionally, Documents and Histories includes contributions from Gianna Bottema, Brigitte Louise Hansen, Rixt Hoekstra, Ellen van Kessel, Manon Peyrot, Erica Smeets-Klokgieters and Charlotte Thomas.

Hardcover, 200 Pages