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Gaelle Choisne: Temple of Love

Gaelle Choisne: Temple of Love



 In her art, Gaëlle Choisne (*1985, lives and works in Paris and Berlin) addresses the world’s complexity with its numerous political and cultural crises – such as the overexploitation of nature and natural resources or the consequences of colonialism and the scars it has left. Her works are often designed as collaborative projects that evolve over years and are continuously redefined at changing locations and with varying participants. Choisne’s long-term project Temple of love – To hide is based on the idea of self-healing through sharing our experience with others, through our connection with our ancestors, respect for our historical heritage, and an inner physical balance. In a number of interviews, she asked female and transfeminine people about their situation as racialised women in contemporary society, including several women who have developed the ability to “heal” through various methods and techniques: for example, by creating communities or through family care, music, or “alternative” medicine. Her installation, composed of video projections and objects, presents itself as a safe space which highlights self-care and caring for others. Visitors are invited to participate in an energetic healing process or to drink soothing concoctions.

Paperback, 64 Pages