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Ingenious Women | Match Inventors to Inventions

Ingenious Women | Match Inventors to Inventions


  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL: This exciting card game lets children discover and match the women from history behind objects we use every day – from wind-shield wipers to disposable diapers – as well as the pioneers who changed lives through science and technology.
  • INCLUDES A BOOKLET that details all the fascinating stories behind the inventions and their creators' lives.
  • FAMILY GAME: Younger children can play a simple matching game (matching the inventor to the invention) while older kids can play it as a memory game. Aimed at ages 4+ but everyone can play along and learn more
  • INSPIRE THE NEXT GENERATION OF BIG THINKERS AND INNOVATORS: This family game will get you talking about women who changed the world as you play time and time again.
  • A SUCCESSFUL SERIES: Learn more about inspirational women with other titles like Wonder Women, Wonder Women Bingo, and Fantastic Women!