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A box with a gradient of beige to sky blue. There is an image on the box of a marbled liquid. The colors of the marbling include blue, orange, and magenta. Above the image is the title of the craft, "Meditative Marbling Kit", in blue letters. Below the image are the words "Makes Twenty Plus Marbled Papers."

Meditative Marbling Kit


This kit offers a creative way to calm your mind and be present by focusing on the entrancing process of marbling, from adding the paint to creating designs and watching the process unfold. Reduce stress and anxiety, enhance healthy brain function, and reap the other health benefits of mindfulness with hands-on hobbies!​

Product Details:

One mixing tray

20 sheets of watercolor paper

12 paints (each 6 ml)

15 g carrageenan powder and measuring spoon

One bamboo stirring stick 

Three-sided plastic comb (to create different patterns).