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Once Upon a Sari

Once Upon a Sari


A picture book about a little girl who gets into her mom's saris and makes a glorious, colorful mess and discovers the memories attached to each sari.

Avani is having a wonderful time looking at all of her mother's saris, but she soon realizes she's made a big mess.

When her mom comes in, Avani expects a scolding, but instead, her mom sits down with her and tells her about the memories associated with each sari: memories of weddings and celebrations, memories of when and where the sari came from. And, in case of one very special sari, memories that were passed down from her parents and grandparents.

A beautiful and vibrant reflection on how what we wear connects us to big and small moments in our lives, 
Once Upon a Sari is a colorful feast for the eyes and the heart.

Hardcover, 48 Pages