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The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago (Hardcover)

The Flowering: The Autobiography of Judy Chicago (Hardcover)


By Judy Chicago, with a forward by Gloria Steinem 

Chicago is also an author, teacher, feminist and activist, and far from dividing the focus of her work these identities are integral to her work as an artist, driving her efforts to achieve what has been a lifelong aim: a more just and equitable world for all beings. Written on the eve of her first-ever career retrospective at the age of eighty-two, after decades on the margins of the art world, which devalued her work for its feminist content, The Flowering is an answer to and reflection upon her previous autobiographical writings, as well as a critically necessary update to her story of resilience. It will be a call to action for those who have supported her from the beginning and for a new generation.

Hardcover, 416 pages