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The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories

The Teeth of the Comb & Other Stories


The Feather and the Wind

"The feather said to the wind in a slain voice, "What's this tyranny?"
The wind answered her, "What's this weakness?"

Personified animals (snakes, wolves, sheep), natural things (a swamp, a lake, a rainbow, trees), mankind’s creations (trucks, swords, zeroes) are all characters in The Teeth of the Comb. They aspire, they plot, they hope, they destroy, they fail, they love. These wonderful small stories, ranging from a couple of lines to a couple of pages, animate new realities and make us see our reality anew. Reading Alomar’s sly moral fables and sharp political allegories, the reader always sits up a little straighter, and a little wiser.

Paperback, 96 pages